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How Video Content Marketing Converts Browsers Into Buyers

Brad D

Video content marketing can create more engagement with visitors which results in trust and reputation in your product or service. The goal of any marketing strategy is to reach its target customers and increase market share for the business.

With online marketing content, the reach is perhaps the easiest part of the strategy. But what good is reaching your intended audience if they don’t convert to customers? Simply reading an ad or a blog post does not necessarily equate to conversions. Conversions are the coveted objective of content marketing.

In today’s ever-accelerating pace of the global economy, many businesses are using video content marketing to market and sell their products on the internet. Video viewers are anywhere from 64-85% more likely to buy after watching a product video.

Why bother with video content marketing?

The ability to influence a consumer decision is a key component of good marketing strategy. Video content marketing helps clarify questions people have regarding product performance and real-world application. The ability to see a product demonstration adds a dimension of confidence, good or bad, to that decision-making process.

In a recent Cisco Systems, Inc. survey, 93% of respondents find video helpful in comparison- shopping. The survey also reports 87% of respondents find video helpful for researching additional items from the same brand. Video content marketing is also a useful post-purchase tool. In the same Cisco survey, 93% of respondents find video helpful for post-purchase instructions.

Quick show of hands: How many of us have bought a product and turned to YouTube for help figuring it out?

Think of how much your customers would appreciate not having to leave your website to find this helpful demonstration, not to mention how it can boost their opinions of your customer service!

Video Content Marketing Helps Your Branding

Video content marketing is engaging because it stimulates more of the senses; it adds dimension to content and makes it more relatable. People are more likely to respond and recall what is presented after watching a video presentation.

Video content is more likely to be shared on social media outlets. Using social influence to share brands people like is a marketing strategy that can pay for itself.

Video has become an integral part of the research process or ‘pre-shopping’. Consumers turn to video for demonstrations and product reviews when making purchase decisions. As a result, video is now driving demand for brands and products. Since video is the most shared form of content, companies are capitalizing on the opportunity to engage their audience.

Google Likes Video Content!

It’s true. According to Market Week, 70% of the top 100 search listings contain video content. Search Engine Optimization is a valuable, but time-consuming exercise for any company that wants to leverage the potential of the web. Adding video content is an easy way to boost performance. Pages containing video have a bonus: They gain greater prominence, with a video thumbnail, helping them stand out from the crowd. (For more on this, ask a Think Big Marketing consultant how this can work for your business).

What video production options do small to medium sized businesses have?

If you want to get in on the benefits of business videos for your organization, you have two basic options:

  1. DIY production
  2. Professional video production services

Cost and ROI are likely the most important factors in deciding which direction is best. We’ve already discovered the benefit and return on investment, so here is a synopsis of cost for both options.

DIY Production

If you’re thinking about investing in the equipment needed for in-house DIY video productions, this list will get you started with what you’ll need and approximate costs for mid-grade equipment (keep in mind, this does not include set-up or training your personnel on how to operate equipment):

  • Camera 
$2000 – $10,000
  • Teleprompter 
  • Microphone (studio quality) 
$200 – $400
  • Green screens & lighting kit 
  • Soundproofing 
  • Editing software 

Professional video production

The second option is to go professional. The benefits of a professional video production are many, but boil down to one key factor; cost. The caveat? Cost can be quite high. There is no bootstrapping option.

Below is a sample cost table for 3-minute motion graphic online marketing video:

  • Project Management $2,000
  • Script Development 
  • Motion Graphic Development 
  • Voice Over Artist 
  • Audio Editing 
  • Stock Music 
  • Stock Imagery 

While the layman’s video camera is great for family holiday videos, business videos that will reflect on the brand should be produced using at least semi-professional equipment. Fortunately, the digital revolution has reduced the size, complexity, and cost of building your own in-house video studio.

Get Started on Video Content Marketing Today

If video content marketing is right for your business, whichever option you choose, talk to an SEO professional like Think Big Marketing to make this strategy work to propel your website traffic.

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