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5 Social Media Monitoring Tools to Manage Your Online Presence

Brad D
Social Media Monitoring Tools - Track Your Social Media Presence - Featured

With using social media monitoring tools, you can gather the needed data from your brand’s social networking sites. The following tools will track your social media presence and boost your success.

Social Media Monitoring Tools - Track Your Social Media Presence - Start Now

Social Media Monitoring Tools – Tool #1: Hootsuite

There is no longer need to log into your social media accounts when you want to check your mentions, respond to a comment, or post an update. Hootsuite makes your life easier whether you are an agency handling hundreds of accounts or a user who handles multiple. It is one of the best free social media monitoring tools available.

Social Media Monitoring Tools - Track Your Social Media Presence - Use Hootesuite

Hootsuite allows you to manage multiple social networks and platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Google+, WordPress, blogs, and forums. You can manage all social media accounts and monitor follower growth.

Additionally, you can draft and schedule posts for publishing across several platforms when your followers are expected to be online. You can also monitor key metrics, engage with your audience, and find out what your followers are talking about your brand.

Social Media Monitoring Tools - Track Your Social Media Presence - Engage Your Audience

This tool comes with data visualization, search, and analytical features that help in handling the social media monitoring. Furthermore, the company has an excellent training platform that besides the tools, it teaches about social marketing thinking largely.

Hootsuite is free, but for using all-important features for monitoring online presence, you will need an upgrade to the Pro or Business levels. The Pro plan is $5.99 per month and the Business is $499 per month. With the Pro plan, you can schedule and publish to fifty accounts.

This monitoring tool allows you to set up limitless streams of social media content based on your hashtags, locations, mentions, or keywords. Moreover, Hootsuite’s customer service is quick in responding and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. The exceptional team management facility (sending messages and delegating tasks) is very helpful when there are more people handling the accounts.

Hootsuite’s collection of 80+ applications helps you increase the social reach. In addition, its profile protections, permission levels, and secure logins keep you protected. Therefore, you get a streamlined and simplified social media management.

Social Media Monitoring Tools – Tool #2: Mention

Use Mention to track your social media presence starting at $29 per month for 3,000 mentions. It monitors millions of sources in forty-two languages. With Mention, you can stay on top of all mentions on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, news sites, blogs, and forums. Mention offers 14-day free trial and has Android and iPhone apps.

Mention will help you build awareness, attract new followers, and enhance your complete online reputation. It allows you to engage your followers and react to mentions immediately. This monitoring tool allows you to observe your team’s activities and give assignments. It allows you to set up alerts for your competitors’ mentions and search terms besides your brand name’s mentions.

Social Media Monitoring Tools - Track Your Social Media Presence - Use Mention to Track Your Products

You can run limitless influencer and content searches, thus you can easily find influencers suitable for your business and get ideas for new articles related to your brand. With connecting Mention to your social media profiles, you will be able to answer mentions directly within Mention.

With going to a higher level, you will unlock more features, as Automated Reporting (sending regular reports and emails), Sentiment Analysis (measuring whether people are talking positively about your brand), API access (pipeline data to other matching tools and programs) and many other features.

Crisis Management is an interesting feature for brands with an online reputation risk. They can reply to messages that might appear at the time of a brand crisis.

Additionally, Mention monitors the mentions across the web as on TripAdvisor,, Amazon, and Yelp. All of this can help you in optimizing your marketing strategy.

Social Media Monitoring Tools – Tool #3: Keyhole

This is one of the best social media monitoring tools if your strategy is working with influencers. Starting at $179 per month, Keyhole does the basic monitoring and reporting of social media activity. It offers a free account, keyword, and hashtag monitoring if you want to try out its tools.

This monitoring tool allows searching for influencers and attaching particular accounts to gain access to them. In that way, you can see how actually those influencers and their campaigns are influential. Furthermore, you can connect with influencers to boost engagement and increase your marketing ROI. You can filter the influencers based on keywords and geo-location in their bios.

Social Media Monitoring Tools - Track Your Social Media Presence - Use Keyhole to Search for Influencers

In addition, Keyhole allows you to see what people say about your brand on Instagram and Twitter in real-time. You can look at hashtags, keywords, usernames, and URLs.  You can both see the real-time and historical information. One interesting feature of Keyhole is the heat maps. They show you the activity levels worldwide.

Keyhole provides insights, analysis, and trends of your chosen accounts, keywords, or hashtags. The analytics dashboard shows the commonly used hashtags with your principal hashtag. Therefore, you can use this monitoring tool to find the most popular hashtags relevant to your marketing campaign.

Social Media Monitoring Tools - Track Your Social Media Presence - Use Keyhold to Track Data In Real Time

Furthermore, you can find out the exact number of posts, the total reach, engagement rate, and the impressions your hashtags have generated. This makes it easier to gather data and report results than responding to your mentions.

Social Media Monitoring Tools – Tool #4: BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a reliable, feature-packed tool for every business. You can track your social media presence with only $79 per month for up to 5,000 mentions.

You can set up alerts for mentions of your competitors’ brand on social media besides monitoring mentions of your brand name. This enables you to do detailed comparisons. In addition, it has an exceptional way to monitor and analyse your Facebook pages.

BuzzSumo is the ideal tool for content research. Beside metrics around every post, it has the ability to identify quickly which types of content perform best in a particular industry.

It helps you find out which topics people share the most at the moment and where those topics are popular. It will also show you monthly stats, how long the post ought to be, and what day is best to post.

Social Media Monitoring Tools - Track Your Social Media Presence - Use Buzzsumo to Analyze Content Topics

It is of enormous help for your content marketing strategy if you know which topics boom across the social media networks and exactly on which platform. For instance, if people share your topics mostly on Twitter, then optimize your Twitter profile by engaging with your followers and answering their questions. That can help attract more leads.

You can search a keyword or competitor and BuzzSumo quickly shows a list of posts ranked by social shares each receives. Therefore, you can quickly identify content that is performing well in a niche and whom the major influencers are. You can follow the influencers directly from within BuzzSumo and add them to your Twitter lists.

Furthermore, you can run unlimited influencer and content searches to find ideas for new articles related to your business. In this way, you can also find the right influencers in every topic area who can promote your content.

Social Media Monitoring Tools – Tool #5: NUVI

If you are in a need of an organization with helpful crisis management that can identify and engage with influencers, while increasing brand awareness, NUVI might be your perfect choice.

You can track any URL, hashtag, phrase, keyword, or combination of these and discover the related posts across top channels including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Reddit, blogs, VK, and RSS feeds.

Social Media Monitoring Tools - Track Your Social Media Presence - Use Nuvi to Schedule and Post

This monitoring tool collects the complete social media data in real-time, showing it in understanding visualizations that guide you in making quick and effective decisions. Like the other social media monitoring tools, NUVI helps you to schedule and publish posts across social media networks from one platform, analyse the social media efforts, and generate reports.

Social Media Monitoring Tools - Track Your Social Media Presence - Nuvi Visual Dashboard

NUVI allows you to see how successful your social media platforms are, how people perceive your business online, and to catch negative comments before the crisis becomes bigger. However, even if the crisis gets bigger, NUVI is equipped to handle that as well.

NUVI’s Bubble Stream helps you identify who is talking about your brand so you can connect with them and respond as the conversation evolves in real-time.

NUVI’s WordBurst measures how many people talked about a specific key phrase, idea, or emotion so you can decide easily to what focus on first. In addition, with NUVI’s Word Cloud you can search for popular emotions, hashtags, and keywords in the conversation.

Their improved segmenting ability and the visuals give you the needed tools for tracking social sentiment, the conversations about your brand online, and the ability to engage in them immediately.


Having many social media accounts will not help you grow your business unless you monitor each account. Knowing when people mention your brand or when influencers talk about your product is crucial to the success of your business.

With monitoring tools like Hootsuite, Mention, Keyhole, BuzzSumo, and NUVI, managing your online presence will not be difficult. Use these tools to get an insight into how your social media accounts are growing so you can generate more followers, traffic, and sales.

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