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Pittsburgh SEO Consulting Services Can Drive Local Traffic to Your Business


Are you a Pittsburgh based business? Would you like more website traffic?

Pittsburgh SEO consulting services can drive local traffic to your business. Through Pittsburgh website SEO, you can attract the specifically tailored Pittsburgh audience you are looking for.

What is Pittsburgh Website SEO?

If you’ve been operating in Pittsburgh for a while, you know the online market and competition have grown fiercely. Marketing is no longer as easy as a call to a Pittsburgh radio station. Or writing up an ad for the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. Online advertising can be costly, and often does not target the audience your business needs.

Pittsburgh website SEO gets your website in front of the most qualified clients for your business in southwestern Pennsylvania. Local SEO provides a longer-term, less expensive marketing strategy for your business’ products or services to local customers.

SEO strategies include fine-tuning keywords and content to Pittsburghers in your market niche. Pittsburgh website SEO helps Google and other search engines direct local search engine traffic to your business. It improves your search engine rank by letting Google know what your business is about. It also lets Google know that your content is more relevant than your competitors. This results in Google ranking your pages higher on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

You want Pittsburgh and its visitors to see your business on Yelp, Foursquare, or Bing Places, and Google Places. Hiring Pittsburgh SEO consulting services can help you rank higher in the search results. This helps viewers see your business without having to scroll through the entire city’s listings.

Pittsburgh SEO Consulting Services can get your business on the local map.

pittsburgh seo consulting services - get your business on the map

Why Pittsburgh Website SEO Works for Your Business

Local Pittsburgh Website SEO targets your online marketing to your specific Pittsburgh audience niche. This brings you the highest quality site visitors possible. By working with an expert in Pittsburgh SEO consulting services, you get your message to the people who matter. Customers will see you when they need your product or service and on their terms.

Advantage of Pittsburgh SEO Consulting Services
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The Advantage of Pittsburgh SEO Consulting Services

Your business deserves an edge over the competition with on-page optimization, link building, and competitor analysis for the Pittsburgh Tri-State area. You want the audience that best suits your business needs. A qualified local SEO expert will be able to provide you and your business with comprehensive, yet understandable SEO training.

If you have a small or medium-sized business, an SEO consultant can help you develop marketing strategies with metrics that allow you to adjust your strategy to meet the changing market. You and your team can have the tools necessary for sustainable marketing online.

Pittsburgh SEO Consultant Specialized in SEO Can Redesign Your Website
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A Pittsburgh SEO Consultant Can Redesign Your Website

If you need website design, an SEO expert can keep your site rank in place while adding the latest technology to your site. A professional can conduct an SEO audit to find where your pages might need fine-tuning. By hiring a local professional, you know that your website design will contain the region’s latest and greatest images and links and updates to fit your clientele.

A Pittsburgh-based SEO Specialist Knows Your Competition

When you hire a Pittsburgh-based SEO specialist, you will work with someone who knows your audience and competition. Local talent will know what works and what does not. Already familiar with southwestern Pennsylvania and the Tri-State area, your Pittsburgh SEO Consultant will have already done research on your competition and will know exactly how to get your business ahead.

Specialized Pittsburgh SEO and Marketing

Are you looking to build a Facebook business page to reach out to customers in the Pittsburgh area? Does your business need long-tail keywords to reach Pittsburgh Pirates, Steelers, or Penguins fans? Would you like to reach more students from Clarion University, LaRoche College, Slippery Rock, or Westminster College through social remarketing on Facebook?

Look for Greater Pittsburgh SEO consulting services with experience in these areas. An SEO expert from Pittsburgh can help you put together blog posts to get your website noticed above the thousands of regional sites. A skilled SEO consultant will be able to tell you how to use SEO titles to engage your readers from Pittsburgh and the surrounding area.

Specialized On-Page Optimization In Your Niche

Do you have a business near Pittsburgh International Airport or in the downtown Cultural District or even Strip District? Optimizing your website content can help your website earn links through content creation, keyword research, title tag optimization, meta description creation, or website structure strategies.

Pittsburgh based SEO consulting will help you find local customers and get them all the information that they need to make purchase decisions related to your business. A local SEO expert can help assure that regional consumers have your business’ physical address, telephone number, business hours, client reviews, images, and website address available on their mobile devices. As a result, this allows them to make decisions while near your business on the streets of Pittsburgh, too.

Optimize Your Pages For Mobile Visitors

A survey by Google, with Ipsos MediaCT and Sterling Brands, showed that “71% of in-store shoppers who use smartphones for online research say their device has become more important to their in-store experience.” A local SEO expert can assure that Pennsylvanians on foot, traveling up 79, or right in the city can navigate to your business on Google Maps and learn about your products and services on responsive web pages that work as well on both mobile devices and on a desktop.

Pittsburgh Customers Use Mobile Devices to Shop Even While In Stores

A Pittsburgh SEO consulting service that knows WordPress can show your business how to maintain SEO, develop blogs, and help you put together your Pittsburgh-focused e-commerce sites. This SEO website creation tool for your search engine optimization strategies can help you maximize traffic and increase conversions.


If you want your Pittsburgh-based business website to get more local traffic, Pittsburgh SEO consulting services can help you find an affordable solution. A local expert knows your competition and your customer persona and can get your local website in front of the customers walking by your store every day.

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