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Ecommerce SEO Services – Help Your Store Get Ranked

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If you have an Ecommerce store and have put off updating your own website, it’s probably costing you traffic and money. Competitors are likely pulling customers away from your site. You may already know that Ecommerce website Search Engine Optimization (Ecommerce SEO Services) will bring visitors to your site and boost your revenues.

Even so, perhaps you have avoided hiring Ecommerce SEO services because you think it costs too much. It’s time to reconsider that decision. Investing in your website’s SEO can provide you with return on investment (ROI) much greater than your cash investment for the service.

How much is SEO worth?

To understand the value of SEO, look at just a few statistics for Ecommerce and small to medium businesses:

  1. Kissmetrics gathered stats from over 18,000 small to medium Ecommerce sites and found that “30.5% of all traffic was coming from organic searches on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.”
  2. Ironically, according to a Search Engine Watch survey of small and medium businesses, “Only 17 percent had invested in SEO.”
  3. Mechanica and Fast Company polled marketing decision-makers about the effectiveness of search engine marketing (SEM) and SEO. They found that 72% of those polled found the techniques effective, improving their bottom line.
  4. SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound leads, such as direct mail or print advertising, have a 1.7% close rate, according to Hubspot, giving “inbound marketing-dominated organizations a 61% lower cost per lead than organizations that predominantly leverage outbound marketing.”

If SEO generates 30.5% of traffic, with 72% effectiveness improving the bottom line and a 61% cost per lead, why do only 17% of businesses invest in it?

Why Businesses Don’t Invest in SEO

Small businesses avoid SEO on their websites for several reasons, says Forbes’ Entrepreneurs blog:

There are … a number of misconceptions about what it takes to execute an SEO campaign. Some small business owners believe that it’s only worthwhile if you have tens of thousands of dollars to invest, or that it’s not possible to achieve visibility unless you’ve been at it for years. As a result, some small business owners choose to avoid it entirely.

Contrary to these mistaken beliefs, small to medium-sized businesses can get more traffic and sales, through SEO, using a modest budget and time investment.

An Ecommerce SEO Expert for Your Business

Instead of losing leads and customers to your competition, you need to get your website’s SEO in shape quickly and efficiently. The earlier you start funding, the bigger the edge you’ll have against other businesses in your niche. Ecommerce SEO services offered by a professional SEO Consultant can get your business moving quickly and efficiently, drive more traffic to your website, turn more leads into customers, and boost your business’ revenues – things that will give you more resources to help you meet your business goals.

Professional Ecommerce SEO Services Let You Concentrate on Business

If you optimize your website yourself, you’ll sacrifice valuable time with customers and co-workers. An Ecommerce SEO services business, on the other hand, can quickly and efficiently conduct an audit of your website. An expert can work efficiently with you and your staff to optimize your website and build traffic, allowing you to concentrate on your business. While a specialist gets your site beating the competition, you can make sure that new leads move through your sales funnel smoothly and comfortably.

Train Your Staff

If you’re interested in training for your staff, an SEO expert can work across your organization’s departments. It can bring your developers up-to-date on the latest technology and get your content developers focused on keyword-rich copy. Consultants can create customized plans for your business and staff.

Ecommerce SEO Services Go Beyond Keywords

A keyword tool can give you highly relevant keywords. A professional Ecommerce SEO expert, though, goes beyond a list of keywords and search volume. When you optimize your website, you expect more traffic. To see it and improve your marketing strategies, you need measurable results. An SEO consultant can help you track visitor activity and use it to boost conversions.

Your consultant can help you with website redesign, providing information about your competitor’s SEO strategies, and give you the tools to dominate your niche using content creation, white-hat organic SEO. A true professional will provide you with tools like content development, keyword research, title tag optimization, meta description creation, and website structure strategies. He’ll also know how to help you with local SEO and negative SEO.


Increased traffic and more qualified clients can allow your business to develop to its greatest potential. An Ecommerce SEO service business can get you up and running before your competition grabs the most qualified customers. More qualified customers mean that your SEO will pay for itself.

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