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SEO Consulting

SEO Consultant

At Think Big SEO, we strive to give your online business a competitive advantage in search results. From on-page optimization and link building to competitor analysis, our SEO consulting services are geared to help you and your team take your site to the next level.

SEO Training

We’ll work across departments – starting from training developers on the technical aspects of SEO to teaching content optimization techniques to your content team. Our SEO consultant will create a customized SEO plan for you and your team.

Marketing Strategies

At Think Big SEO, we’ve work with small and medium businesses offering effective strategies that give real measurable results. As your SEO Consultant, you pick the focus areas you need help with and we help you stay on track

We’ll help you come up with your plan and show you how to implement the recommendations.

Website Re-Design Consulting

Call us if you are redesigning your website – our SEO consultant will ensure that the changes have little impact on search rankings.

We can help you check and see if your website is SEO friendly – we’ll audit it to look for on-page optimization factors like robots.txt, meta tags, site architecture, performance, duplicate content, and more.

Competition Research

Wondering how your competition is ranking so well? Our SEO Consultant can research the competition and help you come up with strategies to try and gain some of the market share.

SEO Training

Our SEO consultant can create specific templates for your team to follow, including content writing templates, instructions on how to do keyword research, create checklists for your team when creating new websites and more.