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Phoenix SEO And Social Media Marketing

If you own a small and medium business trying to sell things online, I’m sure you’ve been told a million times that your website needs SEO. But has anyone ever told you why you should spend your money on search engine optimization? Of course, we know SEO can help your business rank high on search engines, but have you been explained how? At Think Big, our local Phoenix SEO experts help clients understand the relevance of optimization and explain how your business will benefit by investing in SEO.

Why SEO?

From searching for recipes to shopping for everyday items, people are now increasingly using the internet to search for information. You can now find anything and anybody online! Google alone processes more than 40,000 searches every second! With the huge number of people looking for information, it only makes sense for you to use the platform and push your business online. But how do you get your website found on Google and other search engines? The key to internet success lies in ensuring that your business is listed on Page 1 of the search engine – that’s the prime slot every website tries to occupy. SEO experts help businesses achieve this by using a wide range of on page and off page strategies. This includes tweaking your website so that they’re easy for search engine bots to find, building credible links, and writing effective and informative content.

But SEO Isn’t Enough

If you’re looking for long term online success, SEO isn’t enough. Some of the recent search engine updates have made this clear. Websites have to be primarily designed for users and not search engine bots. And to do this you will have to work on factors such as user experience, brand loyalty, etc. While SEO remains the key driving factor, you do need to supplement your efforts with tactics such as social media marketing, PPC, etc. The strategy that you pick will largely depend on the goal you set to achieve. For example, if you’d like to establish a brand identity, try focusing on social media. And if you need quick results, try PPC. At our Phoenix social media marketing company, we help clients offer a personalized experience to their clients. Such experiences encourage one to one and social conversations.

Phoenix SEO

But Not All SEO Experts Are Alike

When it comes to SEO, no two strategies can produce the same results. A local Phoenix SEO expert will spend time and resources to understand the client’s market and come up with customized strategies that work well for their client. And that is why we say SEO takes time and tremendous patience. Unlike the dime a dozen experts you’ll find, professionals at our Phoenix SEO company take time to analyze what works for you and what doesn’t. We make an effort to know more about your target audience, understand your client profile, analyze competition, and look for keywords that haven’t been tapped as yet. The process starts with a proper site evaluation to come up with a plan using tried and tested SEO standards.

Why Should You Hire Us For SEO:

Think Big can be your SEO partner, helping you stay on top of the search engine game, and converting casual visitors into customers. We promise:

  •  Comprehensive Services: Whether you are looking for a Phoenix social media marketing company, or need someone for PPC, we can help. Our experts can help with website auditing, and even consulting. As a full service digital marketing company, we not only help with SEO, but also cover a wide gamut of digital marketing services designed to optimize your web presence.
  • Result Oriented Strategies: Don’t leave your marketing strategies up to chance! At Think Big SEO, we only suggest tried and tested SEO strategies. Unlike others that treat their clients as guinea pigs, we know the end results of our plan. That’s because every plan is formed after carefully evaluating the client’s business, understanding his goals and competitors, and continually tracking the progress of their plan.
  • 100% White-Hat Services: We suggest plans that are in line with Google’s webmaster guidelines, even if it means taking a slightly longer route to success. All our services are Google safe and sure to add credit your link building efforts.


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