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Between your company’s presence on social media to its website traffic, your marketing strategy could always use a helping hand. But what are the best tools out there for the job? Turns out, they may be ones your company never even considered using.

Crowdfunding has become an incredible market validation tool. If you can get hundreds of people to put down thousands of dollars towards making your side hustle into a full-time hustle, then you know you’ve got something worth doing.

Whether you love them or hate them, networking events are a crucial component of being an entrepreneur. Mingling with other experts in your industry not only helps you generate leads, but it could lead to potential partnerships, give you new business ideas, and maybe even boost your reputation.

It’s important that you develop a unique value that you can communicate and fulfill to customers. Find what is most important to prospective customers (i.e. value, quality, etc.) and develop communication strategies with those claims in mind. Then, deploy promotions in areas where people show their highest intent