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8 Tips for Using a Facebook Retargeting Pixel & Facebook Pixel Events

Brad D
Facebook Pixel Events - 8 Tips for Using a Facebook Retargeting Pixel

When you’re on the internet, and items seem to follow you around on advertisements, it’s no coincidence. If you use Facebook it’s likely that the item was remarketed to you through the Facebook retargeting pixel, which is tracking Facebook Pixel Events. It’s pretty effective, isn’t it?

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have. If your company sells specialized smart phones, it works in the same way as for a dental practice.

Worldwide, more than 2.2 billion people used Facebook monthly during the first quarter of 2018. That beats last year’s first quarter estimate by 13%.

Tip #1: Remarket with the Facebook Retargeting Pixel

You can use Facebook remarketing to market your products or services to customers who, like yourself, use Facebook. To use the Facebook retargeting pixel, you need to add a Facebook pixel to your website. Facebook makes it easy, and once you have the pixel on your site, everything is set up for you.

Tip #2: Go Shopping with Your Site Visitors

When a visitor comes to your site, the Facebook pixel places a cookie on that person’s device. The cookie identifies him or her and follows that person around the internet. It knows what pages the visitor views.

It doesn’t just record activity on Facebook, but it may record activity on other social media and different internet websites. When those websites have code for which the Facebook retargeting pixel is configured, they will see ads for products and services from your website on the add spaces.

Tip #3: Target Users with Specific Interests

The Facebook pixel allows you to target all of your site visitors, or you can pick and choose who you’d like to target. For example, you can send out an ad offering an audiophone discount code to anyone who happens upon your site once the pixel has documented their visit.

If you would like to go a step further to target visitors with special interests, you can. For example, you may wish to only send an advertisement to visitors who were looking at your product page for the Sennheiser IE 80 S ear-canal headphones. You can target them with an ad that has a link to those headphones, avoiding sending it to average customers who want a $10 or $20 pair of earphones. They’re not likely to shell out $350 to listen to podcasts or YouTube videos.

Tip #4: Retarget Customers Who Abandoned Shopping Carts

The Facebook retargeting pixel, likewise, can help you send a specific ad to someone who started filling a cart on your website. In either case, you can send a link leading back to the partially filled cart.

Facebook Pixel Events - Initiate Checkout Pixel Event

You can even specify parameters to distinguish carts with few items and carts with lots of items. Perhaps someone loaded up with a dozen sets of headphones, another dozen blue-tooth audio receivers, 48 extra ear pads, 36 headphone cases in different colors, six amps, 32 extension cords, and 24 chargers. You want to market to this customer differently than you do to someone who placed only a set of Bluetooth Mini Lightweight Sports Earbuds in their cart.

Tip #5: Create Custom Audiences with the Pixel Customer List

Facebook refers to custom audiences when it talks about “retargeting.” The basic concept of remarketing and custom audiences, though, is the same. Facebook allows you to configure your pixel to your specific needs through several mechanisms.

Its pixel customer list, for example, directs personalized ads to a list of contacts that you provide. You may have done this with your own email marketing campaigns in which you targeted specific people with specific personalized messages through a customer relations manager (CRM) or by filtering data from a spreadsheet.

Facebook Retargeting Pixel - Create a Custom Audience With Menu Visible

You can do the same thing with the Facebook pixel. Simply upload your data, whether it be from a CRM or a spreadsheet, to Facebook. Facebook takes care of targeting relevant ads do those users. You may retarget them distinct ads, based upon the position that each has reached in your business’ sales funnel.

If you use MailChimp, Facebook integrates with it. You can upload your MailChimp list directly through the email server. This is a quick way to create a new custom audience to use with the Facebook retargeting pixel.

Tip #6: Create a Custom Audience Based on Demographics

If you want to create a customer audience on Facebook, it’s easy you simply choose the type of audience you’re interested in creating. You can create an audience based on demographics, using traits like age, gender, relationship status, education, workplace, job titles, location, interests, and device use behaviors.

Facebook Retargeting Pixel - Define Your Audience

Tip #7: Use Facebook Pixel Events on Apps and Games

If you have some sort of an app, you can also take advantage of information from people who have used your app and taken specific actions while using it. Likewise, just like with an app, if you have a game, you can take advantage of game users and viewers to Target marketing information to them.

Facebook Pixel Events - Pixel for App Events

Tip #8: Create a Custom Audience from App or Game Activity

Just as you can create a custom audience from traffic on your business’ website, you can create one from users of your app or game. It’s easy to do.

Just as on your website, if your app has a shopping cart, you can identify site users who have abandoned them. It functions just like the pixel on your website’s shopping cart. A business with an app can target new app users with ads that take them to a blog post that explains features of their app and the benefits of using it.

It’s helpful to use the pixel on the app, aside from on the website because the behaviors of your customers will vary between the website and app. Some users, you’ll find, make some purchases on the website but use the app to browse items, or visa versa.

You may find that customers with one habit or the other may be more inclined to accept invitations to become VIP members. You can target specific VIP discounts and new product announcements to them.

Regardless of the type of business you have, whether it sells electronics or carpet cleaning services, the Facebook retargeting pixel can help you track Facebook pixel events and take advantage of those events to improve the return on investment of your Facebook ads. Use these tips to improve your retargeting campaign.

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